Local Organizing Committees

Civic Engagement

Sacramento ACT works to create a more just world by teaching people of faith how to build and exercise their own power to address the root causes of the problems they face. A critical piece of this power is voting and civic engagement is woven into all of our work.

We recognize that an integral part of the civic engagement process is restoring hope.  The people who are most oppressed, most disenfranchised are frequently those with the least hope in the voting process.  Our work is to ignite hope and assurance that each voice, each vote matters. 

Since the building block of our organizing work is relationships, our approach to voter outreach is relational. As we reach out to low propensity voters who are predominantly people of color and youth, we ask what is your vision for your community? As we engage in conversation and relationship, we register voters and empower them to reach out to their friends, members of their congregation, and neighbors.

In the Spring of 2018, we had conversations with nearly 24,000 local low-propensity voters, using a combination of phone-banking and door-to-door canvassing.

Year after year, we train thousands of people as their own best advocates.  As we build a just and equitable community, we know that those closest to the pain are the best architects of the solution.  It is critical that these voices are heard in the electoral process and we are committed to this goal.

There are many ways that you and your institution can support civic engagement.  Will you join us to inspire voters to transform our community?


ACT works to increase Restorative Justice, mental health and English Language Learner supports for students in the Sacramento City Unified School District. We are working to develop school site based Restorative Justice Committees which include parents, teachers and students. We are also beginning to develop regional strategies for Restorative Justice as well as creating pathways for re-entry to school after incarceration.

Sacramento ACT Education Platform related to the 2017 Sacramento City Unified School District Budget & LCAP

Environmental Justice

ACT began organizing on environmental justice in 2017 and exploring environmental racism and injustice in Sacramento.  After much research and learning, the LOC is currently focused on the West Arden Arcade neighborhood which has been identified by the County of Sacramento as an “Environmental Justice Community” or a community facing some of the strongest negative environmental health impacts in the county.  The LOC is working with neighborhood leaders to identify areas of most concern, and to work to address them. 

Homelessness and Housing

Sacramento has an epic affordable housing and homelessness crisis.  ACT has worked to gain cooperation between the City and County of Sacramento to develop a comprehensive plan to end homelessness.  We also understand the intersection between homelessness and mental health and work to expand mental health resources.  We are working to increase housing stability and access in impacted communities, including housing for formerly incarcerated residents and youth.  We are working on inclusionary zoning and ways to assure that affordable housing is distributed through the region. 


In a time when immigrants are especially threatened, ACT is working to provide support.  We created a 24-hour Rapid Response Hotline to provide support to those who are targeted by ICE and to provide resource referrals.  We have created a network of trained Legal Observers, and a network of sanctuary churches.  We provide Know Your Rights trainings, accompaniment, and information to immigrants in our rapidly changing landscape. We advocate for increased access to health care and mental health care for undocumented immigrants through the Healthy Partners program in Sacramento County.  We are working to improve relationships between immigrants and law enforcement by advocating better training of and understanding by law enforcement of the experience and needs of immigrant communities.  We also worked to end the County Sheriff department’s contract with ICE to house undocumented detainees.

ACT works on Immigration issues in both Sacramento and Yolo counties. We work in partnership with our state and national organizations on immigration reform, and advocating against family separation, mass deportation, and the Muslim Ban.

Live Free

(Police Accountability, Transparency & Violence Prevention)

ACT works on increasing transparency and accountability in both the Sacramento (City) Police Department and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, and on addressing implicit bias in law enforcement.  We are deeply engaged in developing a partnership table on police accountability, transparency and reform in the Sacramento using the H.E.A.T. framework of Hiring practices, Equipment, Accountability measures and Training. We also support faith leaders to build relationships between law enforcement and community.

We work with leaders and residents on violence reduction efforts in impacted neighborhoods through advocating for preventive services, leading night walks and training faith leaders to mediate in community spaces.

Following the killing of Stephon Clark in March 2018, ACT has worked to organize healing circles and healing spaces for community.

Muslims for Social Justice

More information coming soon.


(Investing in Prevention and Re-Entry)

ACT leads the Sacramento Reinvestment Coalition, a team of leaders and partners who advocate for a Reinvestment agenda in Sacramento County. Many Sacramento neighborhoods have experienced cycles of disinvestment: lack of investment in neighborhood health fosters a climate of fear and violence which creates a “need” to invest in enforcement and incarceration.  We work to disrupt this cycle by advocating for the reinvestment of dollars into impacted communities. 

We work a multi-faceted strategy to reinvest funding and target policy to support prevention, re-entry and thriving, healthy communities, focusing on both the County and the City.  Target issues include mental health services, affordable housing, transit, job development and re-entry support.

Youth Justice

ACT renewed our youth organizing in 2017, working on raising awareness about and reforming the juvenile justice system.  Youth are advocating for jobs and workforce development and for re-entry pathways to school and community. ACT is working with youth in juvenile detention and in the community.  Youth are also invited into ACT’s work on reinvestment, police reform and implicit bias.