What We Are Doing

ACT’s guiding moral and faith vision calls us to build a community that prioritizes racial and economic equity in all decision making and allocation of resources.  We return to a guiding question of “how are the children?” as a basic indicator of regional health since upstream forces greatly impact children.

 Our vision is for a Sacramento made up of thriving neighborhoods in which residents can work, go to school, shop and have opportunities for recreation. Neighborhoods are connected to each other and the urban core through excellent and affordable public transit.  Neighborhoods include affordable housing that is distributed throughout the region. We envision fostering true public safety through equitable investments in these key elements: youth services, jobs and quality education for youth and adults, including community members returning after incarceration, immigrants, and refugees; health and mental health care; addiction treatment; re-entry services; and environmental health.  Law enforcement is community-focused, accountable and transparent.

As we look forward to the next 5 years, we are committed to building power to ensure that these community priorities become our city and county and regional priorities. We are committed to equity in systems, policy, and resource allocation.

Understanding that people lead intersectional lives, each of our local organizing committees (LOC) looks at the ways that their issue areas intersect with the biggest challenges facing our region:  homelessness and housing, mental health and health care, public safety, children and youth, immigration. This will inform how we choose to focus strategy and specific issue campaigns.

ACT recognizes our niche as bridge builders.  We are committed to bringing people together to find solutions to the challenges that face us, and to encourage unlikely partners to work together with common purpose.

We will continue to work with congregations to bring the voices of the faith community into public discourse, to shape a moral vision and calls to action based on our shared faith values.

Recognizing that we do not touch every impacted community, we are committed to ensuring that community partners have a better understanding of how organizing can be a tool for structural change, and how we can work together for the change we seek.  We will share our expertise in organizing as allies to community partners.

 We continue our work in civic engagement, encouraging voter registration, educating voters on local and state issues, and working to Get Out the Vote.