What We Are Doing

From countless and continuing conversations with local people, and drawing on our shared faith commitments, we imagine a transformation of our community to one in which the dignity of every resident is recognized and supported. While the current reality falls far short of this vision, in 2016 we will work tirelessly to create a just and equitable community.

In this election year we will focus on engaging new and infrequent voters to vote their values that support the transformation of our community.  

We will continue to work in coalition with faith, labor, direct service providers and grass tops leaders to create structural change.  We will use our lens of racial and economic analysis to evaluate the issues that we face.  

We understand the intersection of so many of our issues at the county level:  healthcare, mental health care for residents including homeless residents, mass incarceration, and immigrant detention. In 2016, we will focus on impacting the county budget as a moral document that reflects our values of compassion, equity and inclusion.