Workforce Development ACT leaders negotiate a community benefits agreement related to the new Golden 1 Sacramento Kings Arena.  70 priority apprentices will be hired from the 11 highest poverty zip codes in Sacramento, creating living wage jobs for the most marginalized.  Additionally, the Kings adopted a “Ban the Box” policy for the entire arena. 

Immigration Reform Over 1000 community members gather to support 11 pilgrims who march from Sacramento to Bakersfield in support of the 11 million aspiring Americans without legal papers.

State Legislation ACT works for the passage of state legislation allowing Drivers License to all people living in California, the passage of The Trust Act, a “Ban the Box” policy for all state employees, and the passage of Proposition 30 which creates additional funding for K-12 education.

Housing and Homeless Issues ACT advocates for an increase in Sacramento County’s housing trust fund fees assessed on new construction, and ACT has a seat at the stakeholders table examining revisions in City of Sacramento housing ordinances.