A Town Hall Meeting on Homelessness in Sacramento Statistics and Data – Prepared by Sacramento ACT

SEIU Local 1000

Sacramento Area Congregations Together

Loaves and Fishes

March 19, 2019

See the full report here.

Since 1991, Sacramento Area Congregations Together (Sacramento ACT) has been the public voice of the progressive faith community. Today, ACT’s 56 member congregations and the 60,000 families we represent draw on our shared faith values as we lift up voices that are often silenced in our community: youth, communities of color, immigrants, homeless residents and new voters.

Within ACT, subgroups of congregations work to improve education and safety in our community, increase access to healthcare, end the ‘school to prison pipeline’ and push for police accountability, eliminate homelessness and support human services, advocate for immigrants and refugees, and engage voters to vote their values.

We work tirelessly to urge the City and County of Sacramento to develop a comprehensive plan to end the crisis of homelessness. Because our region currently has no coordinated roadmap, the system is a navigational nightmare for those who are homeless and those who wish to help. Unconscionably high numbers of people are falling through the cracks. Often our work involves meeting with key elected officials or speaking before the city council or Board of Supervisors.

Everyone who is interested in working for system change is invited to join us!