Sacramento ACT Statement on Sheriff Scott Jones and the Board of Supervisors' Action to Shut Down the Independent Oversight by the Inspector General of the County Sheriff's Department

Sacramento Area Congregations Together (Sac ACT) stands as a collective of faith communities with a common purpose of equity and fairness for all. Such a mission is only achieved through accountability and transparency in policy and practice.

We were dismayed when Sacramento County Sheriff, Scott Jones shut down an authorized independent review by the Inspector General of his department’s fatal shooting of an emotionally troubled African American man.  To further assert how “untouchable” he is, he stood before the County Board of Supervisors and proclaimed that the rules of the Sacramento County charter do not apply to him.  (Board of Supervisors moves to replace Sheriff’s department watchdog after lockout)

Where are we headed when law enforcement itself is ABOVE THE LAW? Has the county of Sacramento become a region of LAWLESSNESS?

Sacramento ACT stands firmly opposed to Sheriff Scott Jones’ resistance to submit to independent oversight and inspection. 

We are asking that Sheriff Jones, an elected official, be held accountable and that the Board of Supervisors require a strong, independent review of the Sheriff’s department.  This department exists as an agent of protection and service for the residents of Sacramento County. Therefore, Sac ACT views his rejection of oversight as an abuse of a sacred trust and an abuse of power.  We insist that the Sheriff’s department, like every other county department, does not have the authority to operate in a vacuum.  This department operates for the good of the public and must be subject to review on their behalf.