Call to Action, December 8, 2017: Support Cambodian Refugees

Sacramento ACT, alongside the faith community, stands against the DHS decision to deport 50 Cambodian refugees and the targeting of refugee communities. We condemn the deportation of refugees and the separation of families. Amidst these uncertainties, it is cruel and inhumane to separate loved ones for any length of time with the uncertainty that they will ever see each other again.

Let us stand in solidarity through advocacy and partnering with grassroots organizations in both the Cambodian and Vietnamese communities whom have been working endlessly in support of families whose loved ones have been detained.

Take the following three actions for Cambodian and Vietnamese Families:

1. Call your members of Congress to denounce these deportations by doing the following:

·      Identify your congressional leaders

·      Here is what you can say: "My name is ____ from (City, State). I am calling Representative/Senator (Name) to ask that he/she take a public stand against the detention and deportation of Southeast Asian refugees to Cambodia and Vietnam. The round up of community members began in October and impacts refugees that came to the U.S. after the Vietnam War. They grew up as lawful permanent residents and have transformed their lives by putting past mistakes behind them, contributing to their communities, and supporting U.S. citizen family members. (Consider inserting a personal story if you have one.) They do not deserve to be torn apart from their loved ones during the holidays. Will you issue a statement or sign onto a letter circulating in Congress denouncing these deportations?

·      If they say yes, notify to follow up.

2.     For Organizations: Letter to DHS Demanding a Stop to Southeast Asian Deportation. Deadline: Wednesday, December 12, 12pm EST.

3.     For Individuals: Sign the following petitions:

·      Stop the deportation of Cambodian Refugees

·      Stop prolonged detention and deportation to Vietnam