Meet Jamie Savoy: ACT Voter Registration Staff





Jamie Savoy has registered 239 voters since our voter registration campaign began in July! Jamie has used the hard lessons of the challenges of her life, along with her experience in customer service to develop her successful approach to voter registration.

In 2014, Jamie was in prison and decided that she needed to make some changes in her life.  She began to take personal development classes and attend Bible study.  After she was released from prison, she moved to New Start, a clean and sober community.  Over time, she was offered a leadership role there.  She jumped at the job opportunity to register voters, encouraging a friend to join her at the orientation.

At the orientation, she was inspired by Tere Flores, ACT Voter Integration Lead, who explained why it is important to vote, how it impacts the community, and the importance of the propositions on the ballot.  She shares this inspiration with those she registers.

Jamie says that this job gives her something to look forward to every day.  Through her many life experiences, even including jail, Jamie learned to talk and relate to all kinds of people and to meet them where they are.  This helped her to develop her approach to voter registration.  When she approaches a person to register, she approaches with compassion, taking an interest in each person she meets.  She notes the importance of a smile, and of remaining calm and neutral.

When she is registering voters at college campuses, she approaches students with interest in their stories.  She engages them in conversation and encourages them to register, research propositions and candidates, and vote their values.  “You have to use your voice, and vote to give your input.”

One of her toughest registrations was with a man who was angry and hostile over his interaction with others who had tried to register him.  She remained calm and asked him to tell her his story. As she listened, he calmed down, shook her hand and apologized for his hostile outburst, and registered to vote.

Jamie says, “I never cared about voting before and I have never voted.  I always felt like the government would just do what it wants to do.  But now I realize that government is here to represent the people.  My vote matters.”  This November, we will celebrate Jamie’s first vote, as well as the votes of the many people she has registered.