Live Free Campaign

Our Vision

Our communities will thrive and be safe from violence and crime.  We will be a community that provides resources for youth development, for economic opportunity, for mental health and trauma treatment, and for rehabilitation and re-entry.  People of color must be humanized, embraced and protected equally as we develop a positive, thriving relationship with law enforcement.

The Current Reality

We are suffering a crisis of violence in our community that particularly impacts and endangers our young people, especially our young people of color.  Young people face the reality that they may be either a victim of violence or of racial profiling by police.

While law enforcement is rightly concerned with whether their actions are legal, we need to further examine whether their actions are also procedurally just, and recognize and address implicit racial bias.

We find that there is a return pipeline to prison which results from the reality that our re-entry and rehabilitation services are inadequate, leading to recidivism.  Offenders can serve their time and pay restitution, but with a felony on their record and inadequate services, they are likely to return to prison.  In addition, there is particular need for re-entry services for African American women, currently the fastest growing segment nationally of incarcerated community members.

Creating Change in 2016

We are working on the implementation of Proposition 47, assisting formerly incarcerated members of our community to change their records, and connecting them with re-entry and rehabilitation services.  We are conducting listening campaigns to focus especially on the unique needs of formerly incarcerated women. We will engage and train the formerly incarcerated to advocate for increased re-entry and rehabilitation support targeted at women. We are working with community partners to increase funding for rehabilitation and re-entry.

In both North and South Sacramento, ACT listening campaigns are seeking seeking the best ways to address violence in our communities.  Time and time again Ceasefire is mentioned as a best practice.  In 2016 ACT leaders are advocating for a return of Ceasefire.

We are working to continue to deepen the work of Restorative Justice in community organizations and congregations, organizing to reduce violence, and giving tools to engage in systemic, structural conversations.

We are working to ensure that procedural justice training and reform is extended beyond Sacramento City law enforcement into Sacramento County law enforcement. 

Police Accountability