2016:  Making our Vision a Reality

In 2016, the presidential election cycle presents a moment when Americans are listening and considering the challenges facing our communities in a heightened way.  The politics of fear and division are begin promoted loudly.  At a moment when racial divides are becoming clearer every day, Sacramento ACT is committed to engaging in difficult conversations about race including structural racism and oppression, and implicit bias. ACT believes that until these conversations happen, we will be unable to dispel fear and replace it with a vision of hope and abundance. ACT raises the voice of diverse faith communities with a united moral vision, proclaiming and acting upon this shared moral imperative in the public square.

In the past year we have developed stronger coalitions across faith, labor, direct service providers and grass tops leaders to ensure that we are not pitted against each other. Our voices are unified in support of justice and equity for all Sacramentans.