Faith Leaders Rally Against Potential Northern California ICE Raids

More than 110 faith leaders from 13 states met in Sacramento today to oppose potential ICE raids rumored for Northern California.

The groups say the threats from ICE further support the Trump Administration’s policies that target immigrants.

“The faith community has an obligation to stand with a community that’s being targeted and we’re there to support them,” says Carlos Montes-Ponce with the organization Sacramento Area Congregations Together.

He says it’s important for groups of faith to speak out against what they consider to be racism.

“This event was about faith leaders organizing around local strategy as a resistance to Donald Trump’s policies on immigration,” says Montes-Ponce. “Taking back the narrative that we are out organizing our community in defense of the most vulnerable people in our community."

The groups say they will condemn efforts to intimidate and that now is the time for people of faith to defend immigrants. In response, they’ve set up an emergency hotline for undocumented immigrants with questions. That number is 916-245-6773.