Sacramento College Students Use Spring Break to Help Register Voters


Allegra Chisholm wants her neighbors to participate in the upcoming elections, so she's dedicated her spring break to the cause.

She's going door-to-door providing people in South Sacramento and Oak Park with the resources to vote.

"We've had three register with us today," said Chisholm.

The Sacramento State Graduate student helped coordinate an alternate spring break for students at both Sac State and Sac City College. She says 150 students registered for the program.

"I guess instead of doing something more fun, they're coming out and doing something that will help their community a lot," Chisholm said.

Sac City College student Pam Salinas said the experience was wonderful because she met new friends and helped get community members interested in an important presidential race.

"This one in particular, I think we have some issues that are very important to the masses, and so I think this one in particular is very important," Salinas said.

The students will be canvasing neighborhoods again on Friday.