Del Paso Heights Community Calls For Healing, Peace After Murder Of Grant High Football Player

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Community leaders in Del Paso Heights are calling for a march for healing and peace in the wake of the murder of a high-school football player and the wounding of his teammate.

After Friday’s deadly shooting, leaders in Del Paso Heights say it’s still a huge emotional toll on the students and community.

Pastor Pat Roundtree-Rivers spoke on Capital Public Radio on Tuesday about the death of Grant High School football player Jaulon Clavo.

“I’m hoping this shooting and murder can validate the fact that we need ceasefire in Sacramento,” he said.

He says there are many unnoticed emotionally wounded children and teens in Del Paso Heights.

“They’re hurting,” he said. “They’re confused and they don’t know what to do with it.”

Helping them process the teen’s murder, she and other community leaders are holding a healing circle at Allen Chapel AME church where young people can voice their concerns and grieve together.

Unfortunately, tragedy is nothing new to this community.

“Del Paso Heights is known by its violence and its killings and it’s just time to stop,” she said.

Out of Sacramento’s six districts, the one that includes the community leads in murders (2), violent robberies (38) and aggravated assaults (53).

She hopes the circle will create a much-needed dialogue.

“Peace and conviction to keep pressing for the peace that needed in our community,” she said.