Homelessness Campaign

Our Vision

Our County budget will provide necessary resources and support to end homelessness.  Homeless residents of Sacramento County will have access to services, including health and mental health care, in a way that addresses the barriers of their lack of housing.  Ultimately, every homeless resident will have access to safe and affordable housing.

The Current Reality

Homeless people have a high rate of need for mental health services and yet have the least access to services.  County mental health crisis centers are only available to people who are housed.  People who encounter chronically homeless people with mental health issues have have very limited options for referral:  the police or emergency rooms.  While there are some mental health navigators to connect homeless people to services, there is need for more.

There is a need for homeless service providers to synergize their efforts.  ACT supports the work of Sacramento Steps Forward to be a convener of these entities.

Creating Change in 2016

In 2016, our priority is increasing access to mental health care for homeless individuals who currently have the least access to mental health care, in spite of high rates of mental health issues.  In addition, we will work to have incarcerated homeless people connected to resources when they are released from jail.