Angela Velazquez

Office Manager

Favorite quote or scripture related to justice:

“We must embody a universal embrace of all those in the human family, and sentient beings, and consolidate an unstoppable fortitude in the face of systems of oppression and structures of domination. We will suffer, shudder and struggle together with smiles on our faces and a love supreme in our souls. Just as justice is what love looks like in public and tenderness is what love feels like in private, deep democratic revolution is what justice looks like in practice.”

—Dr. Cornell West, A Love Supreme 

What called you to ACT?

What called me to ACT was a deep respect both for the work that is accomplished here and my fellow coworkers.

Favorite Book:

Pride and Prejudice, and the Sherlock Holmes collection.

Favorite thing about Sacramento:

The Sacramento Kings, the three animal shelters in our county, and the fact that we have big city amenities while still being able to enjoy a small town feel.